Lightroom 4 arrives in Creative Cloud

I’m delighted to say that Lightroom 4 is now available via Creative Cloud subscription.

If you’re a member of Creative Cloud, log into your account to download, install and start using Lightroom 4 today. If you’re not yet a member to Creative Cloud, you can get Photoshop, Lightroom, and other apps for as little as $29.99/month; here’s more info

As Photoshop PM Jeff Tranberry writes,

Lightroom coming into Creative Cloud is a good example of why we think people will really love Creative Cloud — we can add new creative tools and members just get them at no additional cost – it’s as simple as that. We’ll be adding even more great stuff to Creative Cloud over time; Lightroom is just the beginning.

If you’re new to LR4 or CS6, check out the list of free learning resources that Jeff has pulled together.

5 thoughts on “Lightroom 4 arrives in Creative Cloud

    1. I really don’t understand it.
      US: 29.99$
      EU: 36,98€ (which is ~44.89USD as of today)
      Why, for god’s sake, is it almost 50% more expensive? We’re not talking about Translations. We’re certainly not talking about distribution this time. Even if there were taxes in there twice (which is not the case) or tolls (which is not the case as far as i know) this couldn’t be explained.

  1. No unified prices for Europe + Wordwide = No Adobe Services to consider at all. Get yourself back on track and stop robbing us about money!

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