One thought on “Demo: Creating a Watercolor Painting with Adobe Photoshop Touch

  1. Hi;
    Sorry but my comment is not about the post;
    I follow your blog since the first day and `I think photoshop team was one step ahead of its users mostly.
    There is a bug I waited you to address for years but it seems all other users are happy with it:
    When I use freeform magnetic pen; I adjust the options width, frequency and contrast, use the tool, hit enter to release the pen, do some other things (but always with the freeform magnetic pen tool selected) like make a layer visible or change an adjustment layer or switch from navigator to info palette etc.
    When I click to path to pick it and continue to draw the path;
    Magnetic pen options return to your default values, width: 10 px; contrast: something and frequency: 20something
    every loving time.
    Please, address the issue.

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