7 thoughts on “NKS5 Natural Media Toolkit for Photoshop

  1. John, at first glance, the small image in your blog page evoked my reaction of WTF? (What’s This For?). But then I played the demo full-screen and wow, this is a well thought out and beautifully executed tool! And that’s coming NOT from a designer, but from a mere photographer! I can already see using this to create or enhance backgrounds for some of my retouching/restoration work. Thanks for letting us know about this gem.
    One complaint, though: there’s no audio for the demo. It would be nice to have the video synced to Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome”. [:-)

  2. Install procedure not working on my PC – Did anybody manage to do it on a PC ? The ZXP does not start anyinstaller and I couldn’t install it manually.

  3. I can’t get this to work on my laptop and I’ve tried a lot I can’t get it to work on my Photoshop and I have a CS5 64bit Photoshop and it doesn’t seem to work when I try and install it. I would very much appreciate some help, thank you.

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