9 thoughts on “Artist Liu Bolin erases cars from photos, no software required

  1. Ford didn’t need to bother with the fancy art crew. Cars sold in the US are the ugliest, dullest, drab eyesores on the road. They’re barely distinguishable from the pavement they drive on.
    Seriously, go to any parking lot and look around. What do you see? White, black, beige, gray, gray, gray and more gray. Try buying a car. You want green? They have “Forest Mist” == gray. You want blue? They have “Morning Sky” (gray) or “Midnight Pearl” (black).
    All Ford needs to do to make their car stand out is paint it a color. A real color a kindergartner could name: Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue. Pink! Orange! But no, can’t do that. Can’t have a pretty color for your car. No, the only way to make the car – the drab white car – stand out is to spend thousands of dollars hiring artists to make the other surrounding cars even duller.
    [I love that there was (is?) a real color called “Antelope Firemist.” –J.]

  2. The truly stupid thing is they actually painted cars to get the look you can have in photoshop in minutes.
    What was the point?
    [Because no one would have talked about a simple Photoshop job. This is harder, weirder, and thus more buzz-worthy. –J.]

  3. Its only buzz worthy if they point out what they did. Most people will look at the ads and assume it was a digital post-production trick.
    That being said, I still think the whole thing is pretty awesome!

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