Sculpture: Aluminum casts of ant colonies

Nothing tells someone “I’m a huge fan of your work & want to share it with others” like pouring a vat of scalding liquid metal into their home, incinerating their whole tribe. But if you can get past that, Walter Tschinkel’s aluminum casts of ant colonies (see photos) are pretty amazing. 


4 thoughts on “Sculpture: Aluminum casts of ant colonies

  1. Hey! I took some of the those photos… but I don’t see any credit. Need to talk to Dr.Tschinkel about that.

  2. Yes, how about proper credit? Charles Badland took some of these photos, and most of the nest cast photos are from my papers in the Journal of Insect Science. I realize this is an open access journal, but a condition of use is that proper credit be given. This is all clearly stated on the website .
    [I’m not displaying any of the photos here, so I’m afraid you’d have to take up the subject with the other sites (to which I’ve linked). –J.]

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