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Today Adobe’s previewing the Creative Cloud Connection (download it here), a utility that syncs files on your computer with those in the Adobe Creative Cloud. (Remember, you get 20GB of storage when you subscribe to Creative Cloud, and you get 2GB for free just for signing up.)

So, who cares? Don’t you already get something similar with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.? Yes and no. It’s true that the basic concept is familiar, but Adobe will roll out some really unique capabilities over time. (Trust me, I’m working on some.) For now we’re starting with the basics. VP Jeff Veen writes,

Any file you place into the Creative Cloud folder on your desktop will be available at, where it’s easy to browse, get links to share publicly, and leave comments. In fact, if the files were created by one of the Creative Suite apps, you can do even more: manipulate layers on a Photoshop document, page through an InDesign file, or generate a PDF of your work to share with others.

We’ve got lots to come, as well. Up next, we’ll add even more collaboration features, including the ability to share privately with workgroups as well as browse and restore previous versions of files.

For more details please see Getting started with Creative Cloud Connection and the Creative Cloud Connection FAQ. [Via Pierre-Etienne Courtejoie]

5 thoughts on “Download the Adobe Creative Cloud Connection

  1. Awesome been waiting for that! i know you guys already probably know this but sharing entire folders would really be awesome too.

  2. Hi John! Great you’re working on some new addition to Creative Cloud, but I would really appreciate an info about any possible replacement for CS Review, you discontinued earlier this year. It was such a great feature, all my clients loved it and we miss it very very much. Any hope out there for us? Are you planning on new service, similar to CS Review?

  3. This is brilliant.
    Absolutely sold on Creative Cloud and looking forward to seeing what you add to Creative Cloud Connection. It works perfectly.
    Thanks to the genii (deliberately using this plural) involved.

  4. This is really nice, but the fact that i cannot choose where to store my local files really sucks. I just bought a new MacBook with an SSD and would really like to hold these files on an exte5rnal drive of some sort. Also, where do i give this kind of feedback other than your blog? (Which I love)

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