Sprechen Sie Adobe?

We’ve just launched the Adobe Translation Center. As the team explains,

The translation community represents the voice of the customer. This program enables the user community to provide quick, direct feedback about our products and content.

We created this program to achieve two key objectives:

  1. Enable user feedback to improve the quality of translations of “Adobe languages” (those already supported).
  2. Help users contribute to new “community languages”. Those are languages that individual Adobe products don’t currently support and where community contributions may give us an indication which languages Adobe should consider for product inclusion.

You can connect with the team via Twitter and Facebook, and on the globalization team blog.

5 thoughts on “Sprechen Sie Adobe?

  1. Aside from the “Sie” needing to be capitalized, this is of course a brilliant scheme to get a ****load of translations that would normally (for good reason) also cost a ****load of money for… yupp… FREE!
    If nothing else, then Adobe certainly is CLEVER. “Help us help you!!” my ass.
    [Well, thanks at least for the grammar tip; now fixed. –J.]

    1. It’s also a better way to get our translations corrected (I know that some of them are *less than desirable*) than getting one error report at a time.
      And even with all the contributions – we still have to verify all of the translations, and make sure they are consistent across the entire app and between apps.
      A few of the smaller apps wouldn’t normally translate to all languages, but now can get support for additional languages. Now if there’s demand for an app in Quechua, someone can help us deliver it.

  2. Ja, natürlich, werden wir gerne tun, wenn Adobe gibt jedem Beitrag eine Kopie der Master Collection für den gleichen Preis, kostenlos! Was sagen Sie jetzt, Adobe?

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