Demo: Convert Photoshop artwork to CSS

Psdtuts has put together a brief tutorial & write-up of the CSS export features recently added to Photoshop CS6:

This is just a first step in making PS more conversant in modern Web graphics standards, so please let the team know what else you’d like to see. I’m excited about what’s cooking.

7 thoughts on “Demo: Convert Photoshop artwork to CSS

  1. John, do you think you could warn people that new features like this are ONLY for creative cloud subscribers and not for those people who actually purchased CS6?
    I must admit, I feel terribly stupid purchasing CS6 Production. It’s like I am a ‘second class citizen’ regardless of how long I’ve been a faithful Adobe customer.
    I am sure I will be flamed by those who prefer the subscription model but I feel like I’ve been jerked around by Adobe.

      1. Imagine if Microsoft forced people to pay a subscription for Windows 8? Or if Apple made you pay a subscription to MacOS (or iOS heavens forbid)?
        We’d see a huge surge towards alternatives such as Linux.
        I used to think I was alone in feeling like Adobe was treating me like cattle.
        Adobe is gambling that people will take the bait and upgrade and so far, according to their CFO, it’s working.
        That’s good for them but I am no longer a loyal user.

    1. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over not getting the cloud only features.
      There are more bugs and half the new features don’t work right.

  2. I agree that it is not customer-friendly to deliver the new features only to creative cloud subscribers.
    Technical it must be simple to add the new features in an update.
    I can see this only as a way to force customers to make a subscription. I don’t know if it is a good policy to keep loyal customers happy

    1. Han, the CFO of Adobe made it pretty clear Adobe’s goal was to “drive migration to a subscription model.” The reason why was (as he stated), ““This will yield a stronger, more predictable recurring revenue model with higher long-term revenue growth.”
      I understand the need to increase revenue but from many other forums (adobe, dpreview, etc…) there are a load of people who are upset over this.
      I suppose once you become a big enough company you can dictate the terms to your customers.
      While it is very easy to replace Photoshop it isn’t so easy to replace the rest of the product suite.
      But I’m working on it.

  3. “While it is very easy to replace Photoshop it isn’t so easy to replace the rest of the product suite.”
    Just curious… with what would you replace Photoshop? If they drop perpetual licenses I’ll be looking.

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