Help my wife nag me (in a good way!)

Okay, enterprising coders, here’s your free million-dollar (or at least multi-dozen-dollar) idea o’ the day: I need a way for my wife to assign me a task/reminder & geofence it.

For example, yesterday she sent me to the kids’ preschool with a tuition check in hand—which I promptly forgot to deposit. I wished she could have sent me a reminder that was associated with the school’s location. 30 seconds after arriving I could have gotten a notification. Then this morning she forgot her phone & asked me to bring it to work. I wanted to turn her text message into a reminder pegged to my current location: if I try to leave here, ask me about that phone.

I did a little poking & I see that the iOS Reminders app lets me geofence items (i.e. remind me either when I arrive somewhere or when I leave), but I can do this only if I have my phone handy. Via you can add people to reminders—but then you can’t (as far as I can see) make those location-specific.

So, who’s gonna code up not “Find My Friends,” but “Remind My Friends”? (This seems like a great addition to the fun couples’ app Avocado.) C’mon, it’ll be fun to get Sherlocked at WWDC, won’t it? ;->

9 thoughts on “Help my wife nag me (in a good way!)

  1. It only gets worse with age. Your app will tell you to deposit the check but you will have forgotten which pocket you put it in. After searching all your pockets, you will decide you left it at home. After getting home, you will find it under the visor where you put it so you would not forget it.

  2. John, I have another one – I completely screwed up the taking of prescriptions antibiotics and painkillers recently. When you have raging toothache, concentration becomes a serious setback.
    How about an App called ‘Take my Medicine’.
    You enter a start time and which pills at which intervals and hopefully an estimate of end time – why this proviso?
    Well, you often need to eat something prior, and with the best will in the world sometimes you just cannot comply immediately, and the last reminder is that you can possibly sip some wine or beer again at the end!

  3. Non-device, but strong visualization helps… a mountain lion roaming around the school, a giant phone lurking outside the door when you leave… make it vivid, visceral and multimedia enough so your brain will ping you when you actually near it.

  4. In Reminders you can create shared reminders.
    So your wife could share a list with you and add items to it.
    Reminders being available on iOS 6, ML and
    [Yes, but on iCloud you can invite but can’t specify location, and on iOS you can specify location but can’t invite. #SadTrombone –J.]

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