Adobe Camera Raw turns 10 today

…and Lightroom turns 6, and Photoshop 23!

What was born during Thomas Knoll’s vacation to Italy (wherein he was so frustrated by his camera’s raw conversion software that he downloaded their SDK & wrote his own) has come a long, long way. PM Tom Hogarty says, “I count 42 official releases over those 10 years or 1 update every 2.8 months. However, when you include all of the public RC builds you could easily double that!”

Click through to the Photoshop team blog to see an infographic that marks this milestone. Thanks to all the engineers & QE who’ve made this engine so invaluable, and to all the passionate photographers who help the team keep doing what they do. Here’s to the next 6, 10, & 23 years!


One thought on “Adobe Camera Raw turns 10 today

  1. Of course these numbers also reflect upon the idiocy of camera makers who continue with proprietary raw formats, with few rare exceptions. DNG must be about the same age…

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