The Coen Brothers switch to Premiere Pro

How cool

The next version of Adobe video tools has been developed with features created in direct response to the needs of filmmakers, broadcasters and video professionals. In fact, the multiple Academy Award winning Coen brothers have been working directly with the Adobe Premiere Pro product team and are switching to Adobe Premiere Pro for their next feature film slated for late 2013.

I remember Apple demos at NAB featuring these guys. How times change. [Via]

2 thoughts on “The Coen Brothers switch to Premiere Pro

  1. The Coen brothers are planning a remake of “Fargo” and getting suggestions from the Adobe marketing folks about innovative ways to put people through the wood chipper. (Forgive me, John, it was a low slow one over the plate.)
    [Hah! Me first. 🙂 –J.]

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