Adobe Configurator 4 for Photoshop, InDesign released

Streamlining complex apps isn’t easy, but it can pay off hugely.

That’s why we created Adobe Configurator, the tool for creating your own custom panels that can be shared & saved as workspaces in Photoshop and InDesign. This was my pet project for a long time, and I’m pleased to say that Configurator 4 is now available. It helps you easily roll your own panels for both CS6 and CC versions of PS/ID.

Configurator 4 is compatible with Photoshop CC and CS6, and InDesign CS6; supports new features and automatic conversion of existing panels. The latest release supports the new Adobe Exchange. To distribute and share panels you create in Configurator with other Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 users. The Configurator 4 release offers these new features:

  • Support for Creative Cloud: With this release, you can create panels for Photoshop CC, as well as for Photoshop CS6 and InDesign CS6.
  • Automatic Conversion: The automatic conversion feature has been extended, so that if you open a CS5.x panel for Photoshop, you can convert it to either the CS6 or CC version.
  • Open extensions from a panel: A new widget allows your user to open other Adobe Application Extensions from your panel. You must provide the ID of the extension to open.
  • New scripting functionality: The HTML widget now has enhanced scripting capabilities that allow you to open other extensions and call into the ExtendScript DOM of the host application.
  • Hi-DPI support: You can create panels that will run in high resolution on Apple Retina™ Displays.

Are you using Configurator or panels made with it? If so I’d love to see what you’ve created & to hear how you’d like these technologies to evolve.

9 thoughts on “Adobe Configurator 4 for Photoshop, InDesign released

  1. Hey, John
    Thanks for the great tool!
    Would be awesome if Configurator will have some UI elements for taking input from user (sliders, input fields, checkboxes/radio buttons etc.).
    I write scripts for Photoshop and sometimes I use Configurator to build simple panels for running my scripts and I really miss ability to take input from user inside panel (instead I have to use ScriptUI for this and use Panel just as shortcuts to run one or another script).
    I tried to use HTML widget (in 2nd version of Configurator) for this, but input fields there worked not so well (there were some freezes when inputing values)

    1. Hi Alex,
      The panels that Configurator 4 creates are for Photoshop and InDesign not for the iPhone so I’m afraid they will not work on an iPhone 4. Interestingly, Photoshop CC and some other CC products now support HTML5 panels and those panels could theoretically be made to work on an iPhone via the Safari web browser. This would allow us to do some interesting things which we are investigating.
      Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

        1. Hi Alex,
          You would need CC or CS6. If you do not already have CC it’s a great update and there are 30 day trials available. The link to the trials is on the Configurator 4 web page on Labs.
          If you create a panel you want to sell or distribute you can do this with Adobe Exchange.

  2. Works really nicely – thanks!
    This is purely out of interest, but what is it technically about Illustrator that makes Configurator support trickier than in Photoshop and InDesign? Not a complaint, just intrigued. 🙂
    [AI’s not as scriptable. –J.]

  3. Hi Alex, i’ve just started using configurator and love it so far, its very handy for keeping tools and actions close at hand for my painting.
    One thing i would like – and if this already possible excuse my ignorance ad please correct it 😉 – is to have easy buttons to switch brush mode (multiply, overlay etc.) Now you cant save that as an action but there are keyboard shortcuts for it (shift alt __ )but as far as i can tell you can’t add key commands to configurator. Am i wrong? If not that would be a great addition in the future!

  4. Configurator is a hidden gem! But alas it’s still not able to enhance Illustrator, which REALLY needs the conveniences of Configurator. In any case, thanks to all who helped build this, and who keep it up to date.

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