Photoshop CC Features Panel now available

You can now learn new features of the app right from within the app:

How do you learn what the new features are and how to use them? The answer is the Photoshop CC Features panel where you can access new tools and features and watch videos all within Photoshop CC.

To get the panel, launch Photoshop CC and then open the Adobe Exchange Panel by going to Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange. You may need to restart PS in order to apply updates.

If you’d like to make a panel like this for your organization (e.g. to train freelancers on your processes & systems), grab Adobe Configurator 4.0.

2 thoughts on “Photoshop CC Features Panel now available

  1. Adobe Exchange panel has a few problems on a Mac:
    1. when I open it, it says ‘click here for latest updates’ or something like that. I do it; it downloads; installs, and to be sure all is well I close and reopen PSCC. Opening the Ex Panel does the same thing again—can’t be used until latest updates are installed. This happened 3 or more times. Finally now it worked: accessed panels to download, etc.
    2. since the Ex P was ‘dead’ in the window, as another try, I used the pull down and first downloaded and installed the extension mgr, no problem. When I opened the Ext Mgr it froze and had to be force quit
    (I am still on Snow Leopard)

  2. hate to be brain dead here, but now that I installed it and everything apparently went well, where is it?
    ah, I finally opened the Extensions: Adobe Exchange window again, and see that I now have to install the panel.
    This set of procedures could be simplified a little perhaps? Or is it just that never having used the Extensions feature before I confuse easily?
    Hmmm, as near as I can tell the Features Panel is still not present on my system.
    And Exchange Manager just locked up again and had to be force quit.

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