Demo: Backup strategies in Lightroom 5

Important info from Julieanne Kost:

In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne discusses backup strategies for the Lightroom catalog, incremental backup catalogs, photographs, presets, preferences, and additional supporting files. Of course there are many ways to manage files – this tutorial is intended to help you identify the best approach for your workflow.

One thought on “Demo: Backup strategies in Lightroom 5

  1. It is good that this topic has been covered.
    Just a quick word of caution. Usually “incremental” backups imply that only the changes are saved since the last time the backup was done (and are usually part of a more sophisticated backup and recovery strategy). The Lightroom backup is occasional ( ie you decide on the frequency) but it is not incremental, the full catelog is backed up. The advantage of this backup on exit is that a separate catelog is backup up and stored by date. You can go back to a specific point in time if say your current calog corrupts and the corrupt catelog overwrites your internal c drive backup before you discover the problem..
    The other point worth making is that it is recommended to check that your backup files can be recovered from time to time.

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