Like converting Flash to HTML? Hang your shingle here.

After a good run of 5+ years, Flash panel extensions will soon be retired from Photoshop CC & other Adobe apps. They’re being replaced by HTML extensions, and many developers I know are working to port their Flash/Flex-based work over to HTML.

Change brings opportunity, so if you’re a developer who likes doing this kind of work, you’re welcome to list your name & contact info here so that other developers (e.g. those who don’t have the same skills & who might want to hire someone for the job) can get in touch with you.

2 thoughts on “Like converting Flash to HTML? Hang your shingle here.

  1. I am both a flash/actionscript3 developer and a HTML5/javascript developer. I have experience developing flash panels and am familiar with the underlying javascript apis for the creative suite. Further I have experience using many of the creative suite applications such as Adobe photoshop, illustrator and indesign in a print production environment.
    Most flash panel projects I developed were for photoshop and used for automated print production workflows. I have recently converted several projects from flash to html5 using the CreateJS Framework (sponsored by Adobe).
    I would be very interested to talk about working on flash panel conversion work. I have included my linked in profile and email address below:

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