Adobe & Google team up on giant open-source font

Cool news. TechCrunch writes,

Adobe and Google today announced the launch of a new open-source font for Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) languages that covers 65,535 glyphs, making it one — if not the — largest font to cover these languages. The font, which was optimized for both print and screen, is now available for free through Google Fonts and through Adobe’s Typekit, where it is included in the free tier.

My friend Caleb Belohlavek of Adobe writes,

The entire family rounds out at just under half a million total glyphs. Never before has a typeface family of this magnitude, development scope, and value been offered via open source — which makes it a no-cost solution for designers, developers, and everyday users who need a font supporting a broad set of languages…

This is a rather large undertaking for any type foundry, and we couldn’t have done it without Google as a key partner.

Way to go, guys!


One thought on “Adobe & Google team up on giant open-source font

  1. This may well be the most significant step in truly bringing the world communication to fruition. It is significant that adobe and google be the ones at the front of this. Now Microsoft should step up and make mobile hardware be available to all people of the world and wireless be created to cover the plant with the cooperation of all adobe, apple, google and microsoft. The end to war and violence has it’s base in communication. The yet to be done critical component is translation is ACCURATELY talking to one another. I believe it can be done. The code must be written by people that can think in several languages simultaneously.

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