So, what do you want to see from Google Photos in 2015?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, requests, rants, raves, etc. on Snapseed, Auto Awesome Movies & Stories,, and more.

People were so kind & full of excitement when I announced my move from Adobe to this team, and I know you haven’t yet gotten to see a lot of results. Stay tuned, though: I’m so excited for what this new year will bring—and I’d love to have your help in shaping it.

12 thoughts on “So, what do you want to see from Google Photos in 2015?

  1. I like Google Photos but I still use Adobe Revel for sharing photos with my wife and family. The primary reasons are automatic uploads from my phone’s camera (which Google+ does), synchronized photo editing (which Google+ does) and the ability to share all those photos with designated family members. I don’t want to have to pick and choose which photos get shared with certain people.

  2. Add Snapseed editing to the desktop version of Picasa. Picasa is an essential tool for me to post my photographs. If real desktop editing were added to Picasa it would make the tool much more useful. I do not upload my unedited photographs to Google Photos. There is still too great a lag in using web based editing tools. I have kept my old windows version of Snapseed, but it is not really integrated into Picasa. As an afterthought do not give up on the desktop Picasa, it is still an essential tool.

  3. It sounds a little goofy, but a simple negative feature to Snapseed. It would be nice to get a mobile and digital contact sheet after taking photos of negatives on a light table without having to go into a separate app.

  4. I think that the bottom-line here is consolidation. Google simply has too many imaging gizmos and display/gallery options (several of them individually neat/excellent, but only in their own corner). Some have to be paid for. Some are “free”. Some have appeal at the pro level. Others are good kick-off points for a novice. But, overall, in today’s imaging arena and marketplace (both still and motion), simplicity, speed and extensibility are all-important. So, I’d encourage you to look at unifying stuff. Maybe it’d be necessary to concoct a “supra-platform” at the outset …

  5. I quite like Google Photos the way it is for viewing photos and find it better than Flickr or Facebook. But a few things that come to mind:
    * collaboration is difficult (friends are all on Facebook and posting on G+ means nobody sees or comments on them), and I never understand what sharing is doing. Outside your team’s control I know, but have you ever used Google Events? Disaster.
    * Navigating and finding my albums is loosey goosey with G+ top level UI. I want to organize my albums, maybe add some friend’s photos to my albums, know if it is an album or an individual photo. Flickr did well on this (before UI change made me lose interest). Newsfeed streams vs albums issue.
    * I don’t care about editing (use PS and Bridge workflows, and not lightroom because of central DB)
    * I’ve started using Box and ExpanDrive to store, sync and share albums organized by (Pictures/yyyy/yyyymmdd/yyyymmdd_hhmmss.jpg), so I can share individual albums at full jpg res, minus DNG because of file size (only have 50GB free on Box 🙂
    * Bridge is great for metadata (exif), but not so great for embedding location info. if I can edit meta info and have it come back down to my machine (via sync) that would be a win. data outside exif ends portability.

  6. Snapseed. That’s it. Just make Snapseed part of the package. Ability to add tags to photos (or entire albums/collections/multiple selections) would be nice.

  7. Give Snapseed the ability to navigate my Google Photo albums. Right now I am looking at 1000+ unorganized photos in snapseed. Makes it impossible to edit anything but the most recent.

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