One thought on “Google Photos Web gets the album carousel

  1. While this does indeed look like an improvement for viewing our own albums, what many of us are still waiting for is a public gallery page (like Picasa Web Albums) of all our public albums with an intuitive URL so we can point family/friends/etc. to our photos without needing to share every single album, with every single person, every single time.

    Many of us post photo albums with the intention of sharing them. I’m honestly less concerned about how my albums look to me when logged in than I am about having my collection of public albums available and on view in one easy-to-navigate place.

    So again, as nice as this looks at first glance, I hope this improvement of Albums is a sign of more to come with sharing/gallery features of our Albums. (And yes, really happy that they are once again called Albums!) 🙂

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