No Google? No problem. Try sheep.

Tired of waiting for Street View cars to capture the beautiful, winding roads of the Faroe Islands, local residents have devised SheepView360! Resident Durita Dahl Andreassen writes,

I gently placed a 360˚ camera, powered by a solar panel, on the back of a sheep that would take photographs as the animal freely grazed the open hillsides of the Faroe Islands. Photos are then transmitted back to my mobile phone so that I can upload them to Google Street View myself, finally putting the Faroes on the map in a very unique way!

Sometimes, in an often dark & sad world, someone—and some sheep—go and make it less so.


2 thoughts on “No Google? No problem. Try sheep.

    1. Hah! Have we talked about that? Ever since college I’ve been melodically declaring, “We like sheep!”

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