Motion graphics: “How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump”

How did the main US political parties swap ends of the political spectrum—with Republicans going from antagonizing white Southerners to the point of secession, to becoming the dominant party in (and voice of) that region?

I found this explainer video from Vox lucid, efficient, and clear—not ax-grindy, as otherwise I wouldn’t share it here. You might enjoy watching it & may learn a few things along the way.


Update: If you watch this—as I think you’d find worthwhile—and find parts of it inaccurate or misleading, please speak up and shed some light instead of turning away or changing the subject. I’m genuinely interested in increasing understanding (my own & others’). TIA.

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2 thoughts on “Motion graphics: “How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump”

  1. While I agree with most of the content of this video, the one thing it leaves out is the fact that it was Republicans in Congress who formed the majority for the passage of the Civil Rights Act. It was primarily Southern Democrats who opposed this Act. Unfortunately, this video portrays (incorrectly) the passage of the Civil Rights Act as principally a victory for the Democratic Party, as if Democrats were the ones who formed the bulk of the proponents of this Act. Not so. Democrats’ attachment to this congressional victory has continued ever since, even though it is factually erroneous.

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