The tiny Insta360 GO looks clever

Back in 2013 I was really taken with how Microsoft’s PhotoSynth technology could generate interactive hyperlapses for reliving walks, bike rides, etc., and I was sad when the tech died pretty soon after. Wearable cameras just weren’t ubiquitous, affordable, and high quality at the time.

Are those times a-changin’? Maybe: The incredibly tiny, albeit not incredibly cheap, Insta360 GO wearable cam promises to capture stabilized hyperlapses, as shown in the demo below. It seems that most commentators are focusing on the device’s 30-second video limit, but that doesn’t bother me. Honestly, as much as I really love the DJI Osmo I got at the end of last year, I’ve barely put it to use: I just haven’t needed a handheld, non-phone, non-360º way to capture video. The GO, by contrast, promises ultra lightweight wearability, photo capture, and a slick AirPods-style case for both recharging & data transfer. Check it out:



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