A fun little animation for Adobe Fonts

<Old Man Nack voice> In my day, it cost $2,500 to buy the Adobe Font Folio—but Kids These Days™ (and the rest of us) get fonts on demand, right through the air. I enjoyed the type & illustrations in this little promo piece:

2 thoughts on “A fun little animation for Adobe Fonts

  1. Many years ago at a Mac Summit Meeting at UC Santa Barbera Russell Brown was speaking. He asked if anyone else had twins. I did so he asked me what i wanted for a prize. I was about to say some inexpensive That is what I got. CaChing!!!
    Your post reminded me of that. Glad you are back at Adobe and I look forward to greater things to come.

    1. Part of this missing. “about to ask for some inexpensive software and guy behind me says ask for Adobe Font Library unlocked. Thats what I got.

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