Opal Camera promises DSLR-quality web conferencing for $299

I’ve long envied friends like Adobe design director Matthew Richmond & principal scientist Marc Levoy who have the time, equipment, and energy to rig up high-end cameras for videoconferencing. Now Opal promises similar quality for the low (?) price of $299. Check out The Verge’s review, available in robo-spoken form here if you’d prefer:

3 thoughts on “Opal Camera promises DSLR-quality web conferencing for $299

  1. They are planning to charge $4/month for their software??! I bet that idea won’t fly with consumers — I certainly would not pay a month fee for web camera software when there are lots of free options and things like Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatApp, Zoom, etc. all have built in enhancements for your webcam.

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