Bird scooters use Google AR to curb illegal parking

Building on yesterday’s post about Google’s new Geospatial API, developers can now embed a live view featuring a camera feed + augmentations, and developers like Bird are wasting no time in putting it to use. TNW writes,

When parking a scooter, the app prompts a rider to quickly scan the QR code on the vehicle and its surrounding area using their smartphone camera… [T]his results in precise, centimeter-level geolocation that enables the system to detect and prevent improper parking with extreme accuracy — all while helping monitor user behavior.

TechCrunch adds,

Out of the over 200 cities that Lime serves, its VPS is live now in six: London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Madrid, San Diego and Bordeaux. Similar to Bird, Lime’s pilot involves testing the tech with a portion of riders. The company said results from its pilots have been promising, with those who used the new tool seeing a 26% decrease in parking errors compared to riders who didn’t have the tool enabled. 

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