Google Photos redesigns Memories

Nice work from my old crew:

With the update that starts rolling out today, you’ll see more videos — including the best snippets from your longer videos that Photos will automatically select and trim so you can relive the most meaningful moments. Even your still photos will feel more dynamic thanks to a subtle zoom that brings movement to your memories. And to bring it all together, next month we’ll start adding instrumental music to some Memories.

Happily, they’ve finally built a subset of the collage editor I spec’d out eight years ago (🧂🤷🏼).


Soon, you’ll begin to see full Cinematic Memories that transform multiple still photos into an end-to-end cinematic experience, taking you back to that moment in time. Cinematic Memories will also have music, making your photos feel a little more like a movie.

3 thoughts on “Google Photos redesigns Memories

  1. Landed here in my search to fix my memories only to find out it was intentional. YIKES!

    “Even your still photos will feel more dynamic thanks to a subtle zoom that brings movement to your memories.” This is the worst offender, it’s actually nauseating to scroll through memories now. I would compare it to playing a scrolling screen game like guitar hero, you know when you look up and the wall still looks like it’s moving, melting into the ground, it’s like that. Other downright downgrades with this new update are the organization of memories themselves. No longer are they in clean chronological order of “1 year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago… etc” now they are completely chaotic and illogical, jumping between random days and non congruent years, even the titles are lazy and confused. Here is an example of my memories for today [A peek into the past] [A peek into the past][Look-back to 2019][Remember this day?][10 years ago][Remember this day?][5 years ago][Way back when…][3 years since…][8 Years since] There is no harmony, there is no logic.

    I have loved memories since the beginning, it was a helpful tool to remind myself to have gratitude when a happy or a sad memory would show up. I would share memories with those involved, it was a great way to reconnect with friends and bring joy to their day, it was something special. Now I’m trying to google how to turn it off or undo the update until these issues are fixed.

  2. We don’t want to creepily zoom in on photos, we don’t want annoying cinematic music added to our photos, and we don’t want to see one random blurry photo that Google has identified as an important memory to “remember this day”. I don’t want to “revisit the moment” of the picture of the flooded sewage line, I don’t want to “revisit the past” and see that Google defines the past as 10 days ago. We want to see “this week last year”, “this week 2 years ago”, “this week 3 years ago”. We want these features back.

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