Some great Firefly reels

Hey, remember when we launched Adobe Firefly what feels like 63 years ago? 😅 OMG, what a week. I am so tired & busy trying to get folks access (thanks for your patience!), answer questions, and more that I’ve barely had time to catch up on all the great content folks are making. I’ll work on that soon, and in the meantime, here are three quick clips that caught my eye.

First, OG author Deke McClelland shows off type effects:

@dekenow Create Type Effects Out of Thin Air with Adobe Firefly #AdobeFirefly #photoshop #genai #deketok #typeeffects #texteffect #news ♬ original sound – Deke McClelland

Next, Kyle Nutt does some light painting, compositing himself into Firefly images:

And here Don Allen Stevenson puts Firefly creations into augmented reality with the help of Adobe Aero:

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