Up From Obscurity: Adobe Proxy

Big company, big products–something’s bound to get lost in the shuffle. With that in mind, I’m going to try creating an “Up From Obscurity” category to shed light on features, resources, and techniques that deserve more prominence.
First up: Adobe Proxy. Anybody remember the late Adobe Magazine? Well, it’s born again (sort of) in Adobe Proxy, a glossy quarterly focused on All Things Design (profiles of design shops, links to actions on Adobe Exchange–another great/totally obscure resource–etc.). Check it out at http://www.adobeproxy.com/.
[Edited 3:15pm per comments below]

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  1. Howdy,
    I wrote for Adobe and Aldus magazines. The cancellation of the publication had nothing to do with belt-tightening and the dot-com crash. The magazine was far in the black.
    It was actually a conflict between the independent editorial mission of the magazine, preserved for just under a decade, and the marketing group at Adobe’s need to control the message. I understand corporate communicators’ desire for this, and I was actually amazed that the magazine survived two previous, non-dollar-related attempts to kill it before it was finally knocked off.
    This comment is a bit of a test. You posted something that is historically incorrect — I can get 20 ex-Adobe employees to confirm what I’m saying — but there’s no intent on your part to post something inaccurate. If this comment remains, it means that Adobe and you will allow dissenting comments on your blog.
    If it’s removed, and the main post remains the same, it means that you’d rather post some expedient than necessarily accurate. If it’s removed and the main post is altered, then there’s some kind of balance.
    I’m enjoying the blog and hope for more of the same!

  2. Hi Glenn,
    Thanks for the background info. You’re right, it’s not my intention to post anything inaccurate, and so that the Adobe Blogs can foster lively conversation, it’s not Adobe’s plan to shut down dissenting opinions.
    I don’t know the back story of Adobe Magazine, so I shouldn’t have specified a reason for its demise. I’m running to the airport in a few minutes, but I’ll edit the post when I have a second and will make the text less specific (to match my knowledge of the story).

  3. I’ve looked at Proxy a few times, but to be honest it has some of the worst design I’ve seen in years. Absolutely horrid stuff. After a few issues I put it out of my mind.
    If Proxy were my first look at Adobe and its software I don’t think I would ever consider using them.

  4. lol, Man Rob, thats rough…
    You might have given a dead on review (i’m not commenting on content here), but you lead into a good point… design is subjective.
    Possibly adobe (aka Proxy) should look closer at some of the great cultivating design periodicals that have come before. Endeavors like Émigré and Colors Magazines that brought in guest design editors to constantly change their design (and content) with every release. Keeps things fresh (sure there will be an issue or two somebody does not like) but it keeps people wondering what’s next, keeps the kids looking forward.

  5. I like the Adobe software and I remember Adobe Magazine. I think Adobe Proxy is great and I’m happy they give us an opportunity to read some useful things on their website. As for Rob’s comment, I would the design could be much better but I don’t think it’s bad. After all, it’s consistent and it is made in accordance with their corporate style.

  6. Thanks for this post. Each issue of this has lots of good information in it.. hopefully it will stay top notch and not go downhill!

  7. when i click adobeproxy im redirected to adobemagazine. Why they did that?
    [It’s been several months. The two publications are one and the same. –J.]

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