New DNG utility: Recover Edges

Thomas Knoll has created a new utility called DNG Recover Edges, designed to reveal pixels at the very edges of raw files that are, for various reasons, not shown when these images are displayed normally. The simple droplet utility can recover somewhere between 4 and 16 pixels around the edge of the image–not a big deal for most files, but potentially quite valuable when something is getting clipped at the edge of the frame. (Thomas decided to write the utility after taking a photo of a bird that had its wingtip just outside at the frame. The extra 10 pixels he recovered in that shot were enough to put the entire bird in the shot.)
Michael Reichmann provides additional details & hosts the utilities for download from his Luminous Landscape photography resource site. Please note that the utility is Thomas’s own work, not an Adobe product, and is unsupported.

0 thoughts on “New DNG utility: Recover Edges

  1. Recover edges is essential!
    It would be wonderful if Adobe would include the DNG Recover Edge feature into the Adobe Bridge downloader, so that when I choose to convert raw files to DNG files on download, I could choose to have the dges recovered at the same time.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi John,
    I was just wondering it Thomas plans to update this to work with OS X Lion?
    [Camera Raw PM Tom Hogarty says, “Unfortunately, there are no official plans I can share. Please submit a feature request here:” –J.]
    John MacLean
    PS – I like Brooks’s idea, but I’d prefer it in LR4!

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