How could I make this blog better in '06?

With four months having passed since I started blogging, I could use your help. Are there things about which you’re hearing too much? Too little? I want to make sure this blog is worth a damn (specifically, worth your time to read), so if you have feedback for sorting the killer from the filler, I’d like to hear it.

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  1. I don’t know if you have control over programming, but one problem with the blog site is when you hit tab to tab out of the form field when entering name, email etc, it jumps to the top of the page instead of the next text field. I think the blog is good. perhaps recommending more on how Macromedia and Adobe software can be used together. the blog about the flash + AE was an awesome find. Posting a pic occasionally of something would be cool.

  2. You know I’m rabidly pro-Photoshop, so anything to deepen our understanding of how things work behind the scenes and under the hood would be helpful. I know a lot of it can’t be shared for business reasons, but I get the feeling there’s still a lot between the proprietary info and the stuff covered in the books.
    I also like trivia and history, so perhaps occasionally picking a PS feature and explaining how it came to be, who was involved, etc.
    And this won’t help your blog, but does Chris Cox blog? If so, where, and if not, why not?

  3. I’ve read (almost?) all of your posts and I think they’re spot on. I read things here that I haven’t seen anywhere else (which is impressive, ’cause I read a lot!) and the information is usually interesting. Keep on blogging John! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. I have to second the request for more historical background information on Photoshop. I wrote some about the history at the bottom of the article, but it is an impoverished knowledge of how Photoshop came to be.
    I would also like to see more examples of how folks use Photoshop in non-traditional roles. Aside from our uses of Photoshop in the sciences, one particularly significant user of Photoshop is Carl Buell, who uses Photoshop for digital painting. Check out his blog:

  5. hi,
    Thanks for blogging so much John. They should rename in your honor!
    One thing you could do is “spread the love” re: blogging to the rest of pre-Macromedia Adobe. For example, Phil Guindi always has something interesting to say re: Illustrator, it would be great if he could become a bigger voice for it.

  6. Heh–thanks, Peter. I think it just takes people a while to get up a head of steam with the blogging. The world also needs a way to make subscribing to and reading RSS feeds more accessible. Apple’s work in Safari has certainly helped, and Microsoft is working to make things easier in Vista. Making the use of RSS more mainstream will increase awareness of blogging & encourage more participation.

  7. (this might be out of place on this blog, but I can’t seem to get through to anyone at Adobe about this.. maybe you can help point me who to ask)
    Since Adobe aquired Macromedia, this question becomes applicable. Is it possible to tell any of the Flash-developers to fix the linux client? All versions of the linux flash player have a total showstopper bug where the audio and video get out of sync, making any kind of flash content unusable.
    This bug has existed for years, and Macromedia has ignored it. This bug is the absoloute bane of the linux world.
    Perhaps this plea could be enough to get some action going from inside Adobe now?
    (the bug probably isn’t even that hard to fix)
    Anyway, if you can do _anything_ to focus attention to this, please, please, PLEASE GOD fix this bug.

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