New Production Studio: After Effects 7, Premiere Pro 2, more

Today Adobe announced the new Production Studio, offering a raft of new capabilities in After Effects 7.0, Premiere Pro 2.0, Audition 2.0, and Encore DVD 2.0. You can see enhancements like the new palette system, increased OpenGL support, Flash video export, Bridge integration, and much more in videos: AE|Premiere|Audition|Encore. [Update: for more on palettes in AE7, see this video from’s new title.] The “Dynamic Link” integration is particularly cool, letting you place an AE composition into Premiere or Encore & have it play back on the fly–no rendering required. To see the tools in person, check out the upcoming seminar tour.
In other After Effects news, Eric Jordan from 2Advanced is soliciting feedback on how to improve AE, especially from a Flash user’s perspective. [Via] Also, AE Product Manager Steve Kilisky expects to join the ranks of Adobe bloggers shortly.

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  1. Several months ago, I posted a critique of After Effects on this blog, calling it antiquated behind the times compared to other compositing and animation applications in the market. Probably my biggest gripe was that creaky old interface that had been dragged from CoSA and preserved in embalming wax by the AE development team for all these long years. Its not like I couldn’t do something using AE. The product has just about everything stuffed into it. Its just that using it with all those switches, and knobs, and slider bars was just so funky and difficult. Sometimes, I felt like I trying to pilot a German U-boat
    Finally, the long night of suffering is over!!! After Effects 7 has a new UI and from what I have seen, it looks great. Some of the highlights that bring on fits of uncontrollable joy and euphoria:
    1. Multiple saved workspaces. Yes,,, you can either create your own or use one of the supplied presets from Adobe. All the right ones seem to be there. Having used this feature in other Adobe programs, my usual workflow is to focus on a task (i.e.Paint) using a given workspace and just the minimum number of palettes I need. Once I switch tasks, I just call up another workspace with a different minimum set of palettes and keep on trucking
    2. A complete layout with resizable windows. (think Shake). Project, Viewer, Effects, Timeline, Info, etc. are laid out all nice, neat, and best of all, seamless. No more cluttered Mac desktop peaking through. Even more, you can detach a palette (or several) and slide them over to your other monitor if you be so lucky. Windows can be resized and the ajoining ones resize automatically. Nice
    3. A REAL GRAPH editor. YES!!!! Yeah, I know you could adjust velocity and all that in old AE but it was so tweaky and strange. The new graph editor conforms to just about every other one you are used to (particularly if you are a 3D animation artist).
    There are plenty of other features to get giggly about,, after the revamped UI, 32 bit color is my next favorite feature. Just in time for HD. I could go on but won’t. You can read about all the rest somewhere else. I have to say that I was much dissappointed and suprised that no B-Spline roto tool was included. I can’t believe that I am still depending on Commotion after all these years,,,and now about to pick up Silhoutte.
    I have read some other posts on AE7 elsewhere,,most are positive but there is some grumbling,,, not enough, took too long, blah, blah. Yeah, maybe so but its here now and there’s a lot of stuff included that we have waited for. And, its only $199 for the upgrade, down near the price of high-end shareware,,,whadda want?
    For me? yeah, I’m sold. First day, I bought 2.
    Here’s to the After Effects team, a great release and a slick new look. Now get off your lazy butts and get me my B-Splines,,, and please be quick about it. Oh, and while you’re at it, see what you can do about integrating Color Finesse 🙂

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