Performance tweak plug-in for CS2 Mac available

We’ve posted Disable VM Buffering, an optional plug-in for Photoshop CS2 (Mac only) that addresses painting pauses on machines with more than 4GB of RAM. From the ReadMe:

The Disable VM Buffering plug-in can be installed to eliminate pauses during painting on Macintosh machines with more than 4GB of physical RAM installed. It will have no effect on machines with 4GB or less of RAM. On machines with more than 4GB of RAM it can eliminate pauses during painting operations at some cost in performance with very large documents.

More details about the plug-in and why you may or may not want to install it are on the download page.

0 thoughts on “Performance tweak plug-in for CS2 Mac available

  1. Anything like this for the PC? CS2 and Bridge run like a pregnant elephant in my computer (Athlon64 3500+ with 2 gigs of memory and a 250 SATA hardrive and an exsternal USB2 250 HD and PCIX 250MB ATI card) no amount of defrag can fix it….I wonder why PS runs so slow (it also runs slow in other high spec machines we have here. It would be nice to see some improvements in speed, as well of course, as seeing a PC beta of Lightroom 🙂
    [For Bridge, make sure you’ve updated to the latest release (1.0.3), available from For Photoshop, stay tuned for more. And yes, the Lightroom beta for Windows is coming along. –J.]

  2. I Use PSCS2 and it runs fine, no lags or jerking just smooth. My specs include P4 2.6, 1gig ram,
    2x 180GB IDE HDD’s, 125mbATI Video Card, I dont Use Bridge though!
    Hope this helps “Someone”

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