Hipsters, robots, lightning, & more

[Never mind that beeping sound; the blog is backing up to unload some good bits that’ve been buffering.]

  • Weekly Shot describes itself as “new kind of group photoblog and photo challenge,” encouraging regular sharing & peer review. Yes, it’s likely to be infested with damn, dirty hipsters, but it looks like fun. [Via]
  • Making out with the Terminator is par for the course in Worth1000’s latest Photoshop contest: inserting robots into fine art [Via]. [Slightly related: Drawn.ca links to a whole mess of robot sculptures.]
  • Cabinet Magazine interviews photographer John Cliett on his work to document the Lightning Field, a large piece of land art in New Mexico. The article talks about the challenge of not owning one’s images (and would-be most famous work), interpreting another’s art, and more. [Via]
  • The excellent Online Photographer blog shares some recent finds: the Klemantaski Collection offers a great set of vintage motorsports images, and Carl de Keyzer tackles Siberian prison camps and much more (click the Books section).
  • If you thought that touch screen prototype was slick, check this out: UnitedVisualArtists has created what looks to be a wicked synthesis of LEDs, 3D cameras, and motion tracking. [Via]
  • Continuing the wicked worn theme, Photoshop brush makers have been busy creating Botched Ornaments [Via] and Handwritten Letters [Via].
  • If you want to keep up with (or stay away from) what the cool kids are doing, see Step Inside Design’s take on Design Trends of 2006. [Via ] [Also for reference: Current style in Web design.]
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