Lightning, battleships, long exposure, and more

A fistful of photography:

  • Photographer Michael Bath has been capturing severe weather for almost twenty years and has posted hundreds of photos, as well as a range of tips, on his site. In a related vein, the Daily Mail features the interplay of lightning & a rainbow. [Via]
  • “Using such varied subjects as parliamentary sessions, soccer games, outdoor military exercises, and erotic unions,” long-exposure photographer Atta Kim “suggests that it is possible for us to perceive the passage of time in radically different ways. The NY Times features an article on Kim’s work, and the International Center of Photography discusses the show and offers a gallery of Kim’s images
  • Few customers keep Photoshop honest quite like the Times. When you’re pumping 2500 images a day through the newsroom, you have zero tolerance for hiccups and incompatibilities, and the staff have shared a lot of valuable perspective over the years. In “Talk to the Newsroom,” photo editor Michele McNally tackles readers’ questions on everything from the gear used to what staff are (and are not) allowed to do in Photoshop.
  • Slate & Magnum continue their excellent Today’s Pictures series. I’d call this one “Old Women on Rascals with Battleship” (from the “America, Americana” series).
  • “If You Think You Need This, Kill Yourself”: Er, well, that’s not pulling any punches. Mike Johnston takes a rather dim view of in-camera facial recognition.
  • Having your work ripped off sucks, but I guess I’d be pretty flattered if an image I took became African currency. [Via]

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