Seetharaman Narayanan (three times fast!)

Heh–the fascination goes on: the excellently named killer coder and all-around good sport Seetharaman Narayanan of the Photoshop team has been interviewed by David Friedman of IronicSans. Seetha talks about his fan club, history with Photoshop, and enjoyment of “Playboy’s number one Party School in 1987” (wha? though it does help explain why I once got a feature into PS in exchange for a bottle of Don Julio). Now that Boing Boing has picked up the news, we just need someone to make a techno remix featuring the phrase “Seetharaman Narayanan”… [Via]

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  1. I just happened to see this page. What brought me to this page was the words “three times fast!”. Incidentally, Seetharaman was known as “Fast Motion Seetha” back at the Regional Engineering College, and when you look at his picture you can see why. (This was also because there was another Seetharaman in the same Mechanical Engineering class and was called “Slow Motion Seetha”. I went to school with Seetharaman for 4 years at the Regional Engineering College in Tiruchirapalli (try that!!), India. Makes me feel happy that one of my pals is popular.
    [Hah–good stuff, Manickam. And as far as names go, “Manickam Manickam” ain’t bad, either! 🙂 –J.]

  2. Seetharaman Narayanan…Seetharaman Narayanan…Seetharaman Narayanan…cool! I have been saying his name for years every time I launch the app.

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  4. WAH !!!
    i’m proud to be an Indian using photoshop which is developed by an Indian.
    SEETHA..its not a popular name…its just a name of a photoshop revolution 🙂
    ::: GrEat PeoPle from gReAt IndIa :::

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