PUG Life this Tuesday: Wicked painting technology & more

The Bay Area Photoshop User Group is meeting this Tuesday, Oct. 17, at the Adobe San Jose office (map). Pizza and drinks kick off at 6:30pm.
Computer scientist Nelson Chu is visiting from Hong Kong and plans to demo his badass painting technology (scroll down for videos). We’re also planning to present an overview and demo of Lightroom Beta 4, as well as a tour of the new Acrobat 8 and the collaboration tools in Acrobat Connect (formerly Breeze).
Hope to see you there,

0 thoughts on “PUG Life this Tuesday: Wicked painting technology & more

  1. I would really like to see that “badass painting technology” developing and actually being made available for public. There is nothing like that or even close avalable for artist right now. Go Go Adobe, give us some MoXI!
    [Heh; we’ll see what we can do. –J.]

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