Beautiful scientific imagery

  • The Cassini space probe has produced a stunning image of Saturn and its rings.  The panoramic view was created by combining a total of 165 images taken by the Cassini wide-angle camera over nearly three hours. Color in the view was created by digitally compositing ultraviolet, infrared and clear filter images and was then adjusted to resemble natural color.  Check it out in high res.  [Via]
  • Elsewhere in space, Wikipedia features a great shot of a sunset on Mars (in no way to be confused with Breakfast on Pluto).   And in case you missed it earlier, check out that shot of the space shuttle in front of the sun.  As a celebutante would say, "That hot."
  • Slightly closer to Earth, the NYT has a story and slide show of backyard rocket builders in the desert. Their creations–some able to fly to 94,000 feet–are a bit more impressive than my old DIY constructions (paper towel tube, "D" rocket engine, and as many Black Cats as I could cram in). Yeah, but mine blowed up real good.
  • And much, much closer to earth, the NYT shows the entomological images of Dr. Thomas Eisner. This bombardier beetle is out of hand, though the shell constructions seem a little close to the rogue taxidermy of MART.

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