$100,000,000 in seed money for Apollo developers

During a packed keynote address at Adobe MAX yesterday, the company made a rather interesting announcement: according to (and buried in) the press release, "Adobe also plans to invest approximately $100 million in venture capital over the next 3-5 years in companies leveraging Adobe platform technologies, particularly companies delivering applications via Apollo, as part of Adobe’s commitment to building an ecosystem for the Adobe® Engagement Platform."

Tschka-tschka-ehWHAT?  As they say in Congress, "$100M here, $100M there–pretty soon you’re talking about real money."  I wasn’t hired for my math skills (at heart, I remain a simple unfrozen caveman Web designer), but this kind of money strikes me as a huge vote of confidence in the platform & the developer community around it.

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  1. Hey I don’t mean to be a dick, but this has been posted at least 6x now. It would be nice if folks would review MXNA before making blog posts on a topic to make sure the content isnt duplicated so much.
    It’s great to hear about all these new things coming from MAX, but it’s starting to look like television news on MXNA with all the duplicate postings
    [My blog reaches a lot of people who’ve never heard of the MXNA, much less subscribed to it. –J.]

  2. Well, not to be a dick, but if you don’t like it, don’t look at MXNA… Blogs are meant to be an expression of people’s daily lives and interests. MXNA is a feed aggregator, and it this sense, it’s inevitable that there will be repeated posts. Especially when something is large as MAX is going on. People are excited and they are going to post, as well as they have the right. Did you ever consider the people who subscribe to this blog, but not MXNA? I personally don’t mind duplicate posts, because they aren’t always the same posts… each person seems to be able to put their spin on the situation. It’s rather nice to see each person’s point of view.

  3. Thanks – I have no idea what MXNA is, so thanks for the info.
    [MXNA is the news aggregator that Macromedia created to bring together blog posts related to its products. That has of course now migrated under the Adobe umbrella. –J.]

  4. Why not link it to someone else’s post? That’s major issue with blogs, everyone is always saying what someone else already said. There’s very little real original content. Sorting through all that unoriginal content is becoming quite the chore.

  5. Hey! You never paid us ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to make pictures in Photoshop when it first came out, unfair, unfair, unfair!
    (heh-heh, just wanted to introduce some variety in your flameage here, John, heh…. 😉
    MXNA is great, but John Nack is aggregated in many places… he helped bring this news to Megite readers today, for instance. That said, I do see a need to de-fluff MXNA in some ways, to make it more efficient for readers… it’s a real issue.
    [Ooh, fascinating. I have no idea who, if anyone, actually reads this thing, or where. 🙂 Thanks for the heads-up. –J.]

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