New Photoshop-Dreamweaver integration previewed

During yesterday’s MAX keynote, Flash evangelist Greg Rewis gave a sneak preview of some integration we’re planning between Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

In numerous visits to Web shops, designers made it clear that instead of always exporting a whole Photoshop file to the Web, they’d often like to grab just a chunk of it and drop it into an HTML composition.  Greg showed that in a future version of Dreamweaver, it’ll be possible to copy a chunk of data from Photoshop, paste it into Dreamweaver, and have the built-in Fireworks optimization engine pop up with compression options.  Better still, Photoshop passed along enough info that DW knows the location of the source PSD & can tell PS to re-open that file.

Jen deHaan has posted an excellent, detailed write-up of the keynote, including info on Fireworks improvements (e.g. the much requested better PSD import); the After Effects "puppeting" demo; the new Soundbooth application (more on that soon); and much more. Flashmagazine offers good coverage with photos. [Via]

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