Great Photoshop CS3 beta resources

All kinds of excellent resources are popping up with details, videos, and more coverage of the Photoshop CS3 beta. I plan to keep updating this list as I find good bits.  I’ve also created a new "Photoshop CS3 Beta" category that should help you track related info.

  • The crew at Photoshop User have really knocked themselves out with the PSCS3 Beta Preview Learning Center.  The site includes Scott Kelby’s 10 Favorite Features; videos for the Bridge loupe tool & stacks; an interview with yours truly; and much more.
  • Adobe’s resident mad scientist Russell Brown has taken the wraps off his first set of new videos.
  • At I chat at some length with Jeff Schewe about all things CS3 (what’s new in Bridge, what’s new in the Photoshop UI, and etc.). Jeff has also posted the official FAQ in HTML form.
  • provides excellent coverage: Jim Dalrymple’s got an intro, and in this video* I talk to Jason Snell about what’s new in CS3, after which Jason demonstrates Quick Selection, Smart Filters, Zoomify export, and more.  Elsewhere on the site, Philip Michaels presents a podcast in which he talks to editors Ben Long, Kelly Turner, and Jackie Dove about performance on Intel-based Macs & much more. [Update: Ben’s first look is here.]
  • Martin Evening has updated his popular Photoshop for Photographers with a 21-page PDF that covers the new release from a pro photographer’s point of view.
  • The link may not yet be live, but plans to unleash a torrent of training videos shortly.
  • At Ars Technica Dave Girard posts an intro in which he says, "Despite its beta status, it has heaping portions of snappy." (We’re bringin’ Snappyback, yeaah.)
  • Photoshop co-architect Scott Byer shares his perspective.  Regarding making PS a Universal Binary he says, "It really did take that much effort, and it really wasn’t ready until recently." [Via]
  • Former Illustrator PM/full-time vector mensch Mordy Golding covers the release in a special edition of his PEN podcast.
  • Adobe’s Technical Resources Manager Terry White provides a first look for Layers Magazine, demonstrating the new Vanishing Point, among other features.
  • Colin Smith goes into all kinds of detail at PhotoshopCafe.

I’m sure I’m missing some good stuff (it’s flowing fast and furious!), so please feel free to pass along additional links via the comments. [Update: See also Round 2.]

*Sick of me yet?? I feel like I’m becoming the Rachel Ray of PMs: chatty and overexposed... πŸ˜‰

0 thoughts on “Great Photoshop CS3 beta resources

  1. “I feel like I’m becoming the Rachel Ray of PMs: chatty and overexposed… ;-)”
    Well…not as bad as Rachel Ray! But, when you stick your head up in the crowd, you’re bound to catch a little “wind” ya know?
    Actually, I think it’s really useful that you and other Adobe folks _DO_ have a public face (even if George shot it)

  2. Great News! Thanks for the helpfully Links.
    So, I’ll go on wiith testing CS3 on my Mac Pro… πŸ™‚
    Greetz from Switzerland
    [Cool; it should be ready for download soon, after we work out the (inevitable) last minute snags. –J.]

  3. Will Bridge CS3 also work with Photoshop CS2? In other words, can it be downloaded separately (once it is out of Beta) and then used with CS2?
    [No–the apps are designed to work only with the equivalent version-number counterpart, and Bridge is not sold separately. –J.]

  4. Scott Kelby needs to lay off the caffeine. He’s a bit too “perky”. πŸ˜‰
    [Well, for my part, I’ve got to lay off the insane blinking. I didn’t realize I do that (must be a nervous energy thing), and it looks like I’m trying to send messages in Morse Code. πŸ˜‰ –J.]

  5. Thanks for the links. I have just looked at Russell Brown’s tips and tried the all new photomerge immediately. The results are simply stunning. I have used PS CS3 all day now and this release rocks… Congratulations to you guys at Adobe.
    [Awesome–thanks! –J.]

  6. Many thanks for the links John—it’s much appreciated (also, thanks for the interview, too).
    Gotta run–need a quick cup of coffee, and then it’s off to spread more happy upbeat positive news. πŸ˜‰

  7. John,
    My new CS3 specific podcast is up… it is a short-term venture as it will only cover ‘new things’…. but I am trying to do a video a day. Three are up… sitting down to number 4 right now.
    BTW.. the podcast hit number one in software category today (I guess people want to know more) GRIN….
    [Good stuff, Rich. I’ll add it to the list shortly. –J.]

  8. I am impressed with the new Camera Raw and Smart Filters. Both are going to be a major improvement to my workflow. Being able to edit Shadow/Highlight adjustments reminds me of introduction of adjustment layers for the first time. Great Work!!!
    [Thanks :-). As you may have discovered, you can open raw files as Smart Objects via File->Open As Smart Object. –J.]

  9. The videos are indeed live. Together, we’re calling them Photoshop CS3 Beta One-on-One Preview. The series comprises 18 videos, about 90 minutes in all, along with downloadable exercise files. Within an hour of their posting on Friday, they became the most popular videos on the site. (Free to non-members, BTW.)
    We’ve also posted some stuff to YouTube (high-quality training medium that it is). The interface video hit 28,000 views in the first 24 hours.
    I’m sure the other content/news providers are experiencing similar surges. People seem to be interested in this application. Whoda thunk it? πŸ™‚
    [Wow–terrific stuff, Deke! –J.]

  10. Regarding PS CS3 (Mac), I do not like the new Windows-style Close and Minimize controls on the palettes as opposed to the Mac OS X versions in CS2 and if these remain in the shipping version I will not purchase it.
    [I find that surprising. I’ve been a Mac user for 20 years, and I see no functional or even aesthetic reason to have a problem with the placement of the controls. –J.]

  11. I had some trouble importing actions into CS3 Beta. CS3 beta just didn’t load all of my actions in my action set.

  12. hi
    i need a link to download photoshop cs3 i love to working on it .. it’s to easy to my and i need it free cause im from Iraq and i’ven’t any card to pay for you
    thank you

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