Is the CS3b download ready? Not just yet.

I awoke to discover that people have been poking around Adobe servers and are now complaining that the site isn’t accepting their CS2 serial numbers.  There’s a reason for that: the site isn’t ready to go just yet, and we’ll post an announcement when it is. So, while the interest in downloading the new beta is encouraging, I hope people can chill for a little while.

For the record, yes, we do intend to accept education serial numbers. Pretty much any copy of Photoshop CS2 (whether stand-alone or in a Suite, full or upgrade, education or retail, English or non-English, volume licensing or otherwise) will qualify. We don’t want to leave anyone out.

I’ll post an upate when the beta really is ready for download. [Update: The site is now live, but please see above for info on the serial number problem we’re currently experiencing.]

0 thoughts on “Is the CS3b download ready? Not just yet.

  1. CS2 is nice but slow on my new Apple Pro with bells and whistles. I’m looking forward to CS3 to better fit the hardware.

  2. I think this would be the “pent-up demand?”
    Just wait until dreamweaver & illustrator users start screaming…
    BTW: Great job on the release. Very, very impressed.

  3. So can a PC CS2 serial number be used for a Mac CS3 beta? I’ve got CS2 Windows on my desktop, and CS Mac on my laptop, and I want to test the CS3 beta on my laptop, but there’s no point me upgrading the Mac version until CS3 releases… although I’ll preorder at the first opportunity. Will it work?
    [Sorry, no: Mac CS2 numbers generate a Mac CS3 number, and Windows generate Windows. –J.]

  4. When new beta software is coming, we all turn back into 5 year olds.. “NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME!”
    John just reminded us to chill or we are all going to be sent to “Time Out”. 🙂

  5. I find it strange that if the installer was going to accept my CS2 Premium Bundle (Mac) serial that it doesn’t show me a check and then error out on hitting the Adobe auth servers. Yet if I use a standalone CS2 Photoshop (Mac) serial it shows me a happy green check box. It looks to me as the auth servers are up and ready to go and that someone forgot to include the bundle purchasers and is shuffling around to make a fix before officially posting the beta.
    [I’ll spare you the long & tedious story, but there are more than 3,000 (!) configurations that include Photoshop, and a handful didn’t get into the verification list correctly. Anyway, we’re adding them literally as I type. –J.]

  6. It would be great if we could buy an advance copy and use the beta based on that license. I’m perfectly happy to buy now to use the beta, but I don’t want to buy CS2 (I have CS1) and then pay to upgrade in a few months.

  7. John,
    Add License Program serial numbers to that list of not supported. None of my CS2 Premium Upgrade license numbers will work.
    [Okay, we’ll investigate. Murphy’s Law… –Thx, J.]

  8. Very disappointed that I can’t use my CS1 serial number. I have two Photoshop licences (three if you count a very old copy) and have been paying for upgrades since I upgraded from PS3 to PS4. But I’m still using CS, I never needed CS2. Now I’m excluded from CS3 beta. Thanks Adobe.

  9. I too am having a problem or two. Was able to get a CS3 serial number generated for only one of my 2 CS2 licenses, and CS3 is rejecting the license number that your website gave me to use for the one it accepted. Very frustrating. Also, what about site licenses for institutions. Many people use the same number but once a person gets a CS3 number, no one else can generate one. That doesn’t seem right either.
    [We’re working on a plan for site licenses. I’ll post info once we get the pieces in place, but first we have to finish nailing down the main serial number issues. –J.]

  10. Hi, I was talking to the ADOBE people in Texas at the PPA national convention, I questioned the use of CS3 being used on both platforms (PC & Mac) I was told that CS3 will allow that, the women even checked woth another person to confirm her answer…. So with that being said I finaly replaced my PC lap top w/a Mac Pro, now I find out that the info was not true and that I will have to purchase a 2nd full lic to run on Mac.. as my Desk system is a PC and being a photographer the funds for (2) new systems are not going to work…. and the $$ for a 2nd lic is also going to be put off until after the summer now! I guess I’m at a lost… any help!

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