Photoshop, Premiere Pro named Best In Show

Hot damn!  The Photoshop CS3 beta, along with the just-announced Premiere Pro for Macintosh, have both been named "Best in Show" at the Macworld Expo.  On behalf of everyone who’s been cranking away on these apps, thanks, guys!

Macworld magazine has posted a video overview of this year’s 11 winners.  Kelly Turner talks about Photoshop at the 4-minute mark ("I love it!"), and Jackie Dove tackles Premiere Pro around 9:30.

Adobe’s Dave Helmly has been demoing some of the new video features at the show and reports "huge crowds & very positive response."  He’ll be back in action today
at 12:15pm and tomorrow at 10:15am.

0 thoughts on “Photoshop, Premiere Pro named Best In Show

  1. Clear bias! Adobe gets all the breaks… why, Macromedia Flex Builder 2.1 actually shipped for Macintosh this Expo, and….
    … oh, that’s right, this is 2007, it’s all one combined technology initiative now, sorry, my reflexes were a few years behind the times this morning, it’s cold out today, maybe that’s what’s slowing me down…. 😉
    (btw, Erik Grotz has detailed notes on the CS3 demos being done in SF this week.)

  2. Dear John!
    I know this is not the right place to write, but I don’t know where to start. There is a discussion at Adobe Forums ( It is about PS toolbars. Please let me know where this issue can be discussed. Thank you!
    [Dima, thanks for the link. Not to send you around in circles, but I recommend discussing CS3 beta-related issues on the Labs forum that’s been set up for that purpose. In a nutshell, yes, customizable toolbars would be great. –J.]

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