Hearing voices in Lightroom

James Duncan Davidson at Inside Lightroom has happened across a hidden little gem in the app–namely, the ability to play audio files attached to photos.  Some high-end cameras, especially those geared towards photojournalists (e.g. the Canon 1D Mk III), allow a shooter to record voice notes that get attached to images, becoming essentially part of the images’ metadata.  Lightroom 1.1 quietly introduced the ability to recognize & play these annotations. It’s a cool way to take notes in the field, then access them while reviewing photos.

In a related vein, Lightroom also recognizes embedded GPS metadata & offers the ability to display the location via Google Maps.  Ian Lyons has the details.

0 thoughts on “Hearing voices in Lightroom

  1. John, I hate to say it but Ian Lyons actually posted about audio in Lightroom prior to James.
    [Ah–good to know, Sean. In any case, it’s one of those cool little details that tends to get obscured by bigger developments, so it’s helpful to have many voices sharing the info. I can never say enough how much everyone here appreciates all the work you guys in the community do. –J.]

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