Grade-A Illustration

Linework in the key of A:


  • Celebrating the family’s big screen premiere, Harper’s Bazaar feautres a great spread of Simpsons Couture.  “Marge lets down her hair for Versace. Lisa gives up her pearls for Alber Elbaz. Homer dresses as Karl Lagerfeld. Selma & Patty in Viktor & Rolf.” [Via]
  • Illustrator Techniques demonstrates how to use the app to imitate A Scanner Darkly.  They also interview lead animator Sterling Allen. [Via Thorsten Wulff]



  • For the Audi A5, UK-based designers GT have created A Rhythm of Lines–a site that lets you create abstract car-related artwork (kinda; I find it a little obscure). [Via]
  • Car Design News is hosting a series of tutorials on car rendering, heavily using Photoshop. [Via]



  • Yukio Miyamoto is a master Illustrator artist, producing insanely detailed, photorealistic artwork.  Fellow artist Kevin Hulsey (himself a total badass) hosts a number of Yukio’s pieces.
  • Elsewhere in Japan, farmers make huge rice paddy renderings of famous artwork.  Arigato! [Via]

0 thoughts on “Grade-A Illustration

  1. I look forward to trying the illustrator techniques to create a Scanner Darkly type illustration this weekend. I need to break down and buy myself a Wacom tablet, this might be the reason that I buy it.
    The suicide prevention posters are simple and yet really creative.
    I can’t believe the level detail of Yukio Miyamoto’s photorealistic work. I have been curious as to how artists achieve this level of realism through drawings.

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