New Web gallery goodness

Fresh new Web gallery technology:

PS–Due to a power system shutdown this weekend, I won’t be able to post new entries or approve comments until at least Sunday night.  My God, I might actually have to go outside; wish me luck…

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  1. The Highslide is quite nice. My loath for JS is decreasing steadily.
    My God, I might actually have to go outside; wish me luck…
    Outside… yeah, my grandfather used to tell me about that. They say the boss has a device called “window” that gives you access to the outside just by glancing at it. But it’s not like windows in your screen, it’s some sort of a futuristic weather widget. I don’t know, I much rather stay here and get this lovely greenish-blue skin tone that only fluorescent lights can provide.

  2. Users wondering how to integrate Flash galleries into their website might also do well to check out John Einselen’s MediaBox. My TTG MediaBox Index for Lightroom utilizes this, and my sample gallery gives an example of how MediaBox can be used to easily integrate Flash galleries into an existing website.
    I’ve also produced a Lightroom gallery that allows clients to select photos from a shoot and submit their choices back to the photographer using a simple form. TTG Selection Gallery.
    Lastly, Highslide has been on my to-do list for a while now. At some point, I reckon I’ll make a Lightroom gallery that implements it.
    [Thanks for the info, Matthew, and for continuing to rock out on all this. –J.]

  3. Just to note – as used in your TTG links seems to be one of those nasty parking pages – the actual site is on 🙂
    [Gotcha, thanks. –J.]

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