Helmut Newton, the death of Polaroid, and more

  • Mike Johnston shares a number of interesting thoughts on recent photographic news.  Talking about those huge zoom lenses, he says, “[W]hat people are really interested in is who can buy the biggest, baddest, most expensive status symbol in the form of massive glass. Plus, the narrowed field of view of the smaller sensor has now come into direct conflict with the preferred status symbol in sensors, so-called “full-frame” (i.e., 35mm size). We’re back to the best of both worlds in terms of one-upsmanship: the people with the biggest sensors also need the biggest lenses. Perfect.”
  • James Danziger has posted a short, funny, and salty interview with the late Helmut Newton:
    • Q: Your about to be published autobiography stops in 1982. What have the readers missed?
    • A: Nothing! People who reach their goals are very uninteresting. What could I have written about the last 20 years? I met a lot of awfully boring Hollywood bimbos. I earned a lot of money. I fly only first class. [Via]
  • You’ve probably heard that Polaroid film production is reaching its end.  One can, however, convert a Polaroid cam to digital [Via], and while the film stocks last they lend themselves to painterly manipulation. [Via
    Ashish Mukharji]
  • I’m sure my folks in Illinois can relate to this beautiful ice.  Certain things I’m happy to observe from afar. [Via]
  • Storm chaser Jim Reed risks life, limb, and gear to get some amazing shots, cataloged in his book. [Via]
  • Image database Covering Photography is billed as “a web-based archive and resource for the study of the relationship between the history of photography and book cover design.” [Via]
  • I’m late in posting it, but I enjoyed this unusual photo of Sen. John Edwards on the campaign trail. [Via]
  • Dan Heller’s blog covers the business of photography.

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