Leopard 10.5.2 improves Photoshop, LR compatibility

I’m happy to see that Apple has released the 10.5.2 update to Mac OS X Leopard (check Software Update under the Apple menu).  The update addresses some snags reported in using Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom on the new OS:

  • Typing values into the options bar in Photoshop (e.g. to set brush size or crop dimension) is no longer problematic.
  • Prior to 10.5.2, some Apple apps (Finder, Aperture, iPhoto, Preview) could crash or fail to read some complex XMP metadata, such as Lightroom develop snapshots.  That problem has been fixed.

I’ve just installed the update, so I don’t have more detailed notes to share right now.  That said, Macworld’s Dan Frakes enumerates some of the user-friendly tweaks featured in this rev.

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  1. Thanks, John! That’s the news I’ve been hoping for. The value entry issue in PS has been driving me absolutely bonkers. Now that it’s fixed, I can stop losing sleep at night. πŸ˜‰

  2. While I’m glad to see some of the problems licked, I was hoping you’d managed to nail all of them. I, for one, am still plagued with the “flicking cursor” problem, where many tools like the Marque selection tool and the Text tool simply stop working; the cursor flickers back and forth between the standard arrow cursor and the tool-specific one, with no “marching ants” selection nor any text entry.
    And it’s definitely an interaction issue with Spaces.
    Any word on when we might see another update?
    See: http://www.iSights.org/2008/02/leopard-update.html

  3. Spaces is still buggy with the Adobe apps(or is it the other way around?). I have issues with the toolbars and panels hanging on transition when I switch away from a space and come back to it.
    For example, if I have PS on one space and Safari on another, if I switch to Safari and back to PS, all the panels and toolbars stay grayed out or don’t show up at all. I have to click on each spot to get everything to appear correctly. Have you experienced this John?
    [I haven’t used Spaces in some time, but I’ll try firing it up again to see what happens. In the meantime I’m passing these reports along to Photoshop QE so that they can review them and consult with Apple folks as needed. Thanks for the details. –J.]

  4. Yeah, I experience the same problems Matt does with the greying out of the toolbars…though NOT just when I use spaces, it happens even if i switch apps for a few seconds. For instance, switiching over to itunes or safari.
    However, it doesn’t bother me much.

  5. I’ve been delaying installing Leopard because I extensively use Photoshop CS3, with a variety of third party plug-ins, and on occasion use Capture NX. Is it now relatively risk-free and problem-free to go ahead and install Leopard (or should I stick with 10.4.11, which is working just fine)? Thanks.
    [I think you should be good to go. After Effects and Acrobat have now been updated for Leopard, so I think things are in good shape across the board. –J.]

  6. Same problem with the application switching here, I guess it is Spaces related and hitting tab twice forces the app to refresh the panels. For me the biggest problems are now solved: Photoshop toolbar and Indesign super hide.

  7. Following the 10.5.2 update, Photoshop CS2 fails when trying to save documents as jpg. I get an “unexpected program error occurred” message. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

  8. I can’t print in CS3 now that 10.5.2 is installed. I get an error reading “No %%BoundingBox: comment in header!” and the print job just sits in the queue forever.
    Printer is an HP Color LaserJet 3700 DN using drivers posted on the HP website just three weeks ago. It worked perfectly before I installed the update.
    I had to print on a Tiger machine just to get the job done. I’m glad to hear that the enter-values bug is gone, but this can’t-print bug is even worse.

  9. (Editor, I don’t know how to post a new message. So, I am piggy backing this as comments.)
    I have read the debate between Aperture vs Lightroom in this forum quite a bit and have been using LR for more than 9 months, until today…
    I started a new LR catalog and worked straight for more than 8 hrs. then quit LR. Since it was a new catalog, I didn’t have the option to back it up. When I opened the catalog the first time after it was created, diaster struck! It was corrupted beyond repair. 8 hours of work down the drain!
    Yesterday, I downloaded the Trial version of Aperture 2.0.
    I am going to give it a real world test. Worst, I will use Aperture 1.5.6 until LR fixes this Catalog plague!

  10. I had the same problem, as Micheal Long above, where the cursor would flicker while using Photoshop CS3. By accident I deleted one of my latest brushes and it went away! I reinstalled the brush and it came back. Tried this on another computer with a fresh install of CS3 and it did it there too. The brush was called “Worn_HighRes003.abr” A fantastic brush, but it clearly made my cursor wig out and become unusable.
    Try unloading one brush at a time (start with your recent additions) and see reload PS each time to see which one did the trick. I know it worked for me. I can’t believe a brush did that.

  11. 10.5.2 did deal with some of the problems, but the flickering cursor of death remains for me – it’s a debilitating and extremely annoying problem.
    I would think adobe would fast-track a specific fix for this problem, but nothing has been forthcoming?! Help!
    [Are you using Spaces? You might consider not doing so. I don’t know whether Apple is planning a Spaces update to address what you’re seeing. –J.]

  12. I was able to get rid of the flickering cursor on 10.5.2 + spaces by disabling the Sample Scripts shipped with Photoshop: delete (or move) Adobe Photoshop CS3/Scripting Guide/Sample Scripts.
    Maybe that works for someone else?

  13. I’m still waiting for solution for that bug πŸ™ Any news about that John?
    [Sorry, which bug specifically? I don’t know what plans Apple has to update Spaces, and if I did I couldn’t share them. –J.]

  14. Has Anyone figured out the Photoshop CS3 printing issues with OS X 10.5.2 the “No %%BoundingBox: comment in header!”. You know the one that makes your printer print off 30 pages of funny characters instead of the 1 page picture that you actually sent? Please if anyone has a solution please post….

  15. mark –
    tried the scripts and nope, still flickering, its super annoying so i hope theres a solid fix soon.

  16. The flickering cursor in Spaces has been traced to an Apple bug (one mouse API returns inconsistent results only when running inside Spaces). You’ll have to wait for a fix from Apple.

  17. I’m having the same problem Bob is having. So far the only work around I have found has been to print from the program “Preview” of all things. But I really need to use Photoshop CS3 to print. Has there been any fixes for this issue?

  18. I just got the MacBook Pro…with 10.5.2…I have the trial version of PS and it keeps crashing! I’m very concerned…adobe customer support won’t help me. They say i need to buy it first before they help me…which is crazy…why would I buy it if it won’t run on this computer!? ANY suggestions??!

  19. I have installed cs2 on my Macbook Pro with 10.5 and have not been successful getting the Illustrator cs2 to even launch. I have repaired the permissions, and re-installed the whole suite a number of times already. and I still get thesame issues. Could you please help me out.

  20. I installed Leopard and upgraded to 10.5.2. Photoshop 7.0.1 simply won’t open. I’m desperate to get work done. Exactly what versions of Photoshop seem to work in Leopard? It doesn’t look like cs3 will.
    [I’m not sure where you get the idea that CS3 won’t work on Leopard. There are some bugs in Spaces that remain unfixed, but otherwise PSCS3 should work fine on Leopard. –J.]

  21. No longer able to even get started in 10.5.2 are Adobe 7.0 and Adobe ImageReady 7.0, very frustrating
    [I don’t know what to tell you. Apple changed something in the OS which keeps Photoshop 7 from running on OS 10.5. The only workaround is to upgrade Photoshop to CS3. –J.]

  22. Flickering cursor of death remains even after OS X 10.5.3 πŸ™
    Fixed some of the Indesign Spaces problems though πŸ™‚

  23. I have 10.5.3 running and am not able to get illustrator CS2 or Freehand Mx to launch. is 10.5.4 going to fix all that?

  24. PSCS3 worked for a while on my Leopard but has recently been crashing…as well as my MS Office X. Any clues?

  25. running CS2 and a trial of CS3 when i try to save a finished file I get a message that says ‘can’t save due to program error’
    Any ideas welcome

  26. I too am having the No %%BoundingBox: comment in header! error.
    Everything is fully patched up. Running 10.5.5, etc etc
    The postscript being sent to the printer includes the classic: %%BoundingBox: (atend)
    With %%BoundingBox: 0 0 612 792
    at the end (as per stated there)

  27. I also have the %%Bounding Box problem with a Samsung CLP-550. Works fine with a G5 on 10.4, refuses to print anything from (only) Photoshop CS3 on 10.5.5.

  28. Like other Mac users I have upgraded from Tiger OS 10.4.11 to Leopard 10.5.4 and now find I cannot open Photoshop 7 on my MacBook Pro. I have tried disk repair and reinstalling Leopard without success.Is there a patch available to repair this “program error”. If not I shall have to revert to Tiger!

  29. No %%BoundingBox: comment in header also happening with Photoshop Elements 6.0 and OKI ES2232a4 printer. Extremely frustrating. At this stage – my WindowsXP machine is looking good !!!!! And that is bad…

  30. Have any Canadians had problems with Photoshop elements 7, where in the output for books is scaled in the wrong size and the problems is not made aware to you until you have the book printed

  31. Did anyone solve the OS 10.5 problem with Photoshop 7.01
    Just switched to Leopard and now Photoshop won’t open.

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