I say "Adobe" you say…

…what, exactly?  That’s what Noah Brier’s fun Brand Tags project asks, and here’s what people have said so far.  It’s kind of fun to read the small print, too: "arcane awesome bastards… stucco structure… techy teepee telefónica terrorists…"  (Too bad Adobe doesn’t make people think "hot cyclone action," like Dyson does.)  You can play your own word association game on the main page, and you can go backwards, playing name that brand based on what people say. [Via Mark Baltzegar & John Dowdell]

PS–Speaking of things affecting the Adobe brand, there’s always Adobe Updater, now the subject of its own music video. [Via Zalman Stern]

0 thoughts on “I say "Adobe" you say…

  1. When my colleagues say “Can you convert this to Adobe?”, I always think “Photoshop”. They usually mean “Reader”.

  2. for the general populace “Adobe” means “Adobe Reader”. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that. “Oh, sure, I have Adobe…”
    Adobe Updater, on the other hand, is like poison ivy. Irritating, pervasive and very hard to get rid of. That little piece of work makes me want to drive to San Jose and throw rocks at Adobe HQ – and I live in CT!

  3. Expensive (VERY expensive). But then I live in the UK, where Adobe indulges in excessive price gouging…

  4. That is the best music video ever! I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed that I have to quit my web browser (and keep it closed!) for the duration of an extremely long update process that sometimes never seems to finish. (And I don’t even use the Adobe Reader web plugin!)

  5. Expensive – Dec 2007 wanted a NLE & thought PP CS3, but as this cost 2.54x that of Vegas 8 Pro it was a “no brainer”. Adobe – your UK prices are really unreasonable cf US

  6. Hi i’m Bob from Loserville, I like grammra it’s my favouritest subgect in the mother natures world. i LOEV adobe XD hehe. bye guys. lots of love and kuddles
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