New AIR-based kuler desktop talks to the Suite

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned SwitchBoard, a Flex library that lets Adobe AIR desktop apps communicate with Creative Suite applications.  Now there’s a new version of the AIR-based kuler desktop app that can send color swatches to Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.  Here’s an annotated screenshot.  To take it for a spin, first download SwitchBoard, then install kuler desktop (linked from the right-hand nav area of [Update: Here’s the direct link.]

0 thoughts on “New AIR-based kuler desktop talks to the Suite

  1. John, when I try this, and I am signed in, I only get a pop-up box asking where to save the swatch file. Any help?
    [I’m not sure, but I’ve forwarded your question to kuler folks in case they can jump in with advice. –J.]

  2. Awesome development! I wasn’t able to send a swatch over to Photoshop, but maybe after restarting later today it’ll work for me. I’ll look forward to seeing what else people do with switchboard!

  3. Very Cool! I never found much use for kuler, it always seemed like an extra step. This may change that and make kuler the perfect place to store all of your colors for easy use in any program. Again… very cool!

  4. Greetings from the kuler team. Turns out we had a little delay updating the download link, our apologies! Please try downloading the desktop again
    . When you select Save Theme, you should see CS3 icons. (The most recent version also has an About kuler section in the main dropdown, v2.1.)
    [Thanks, Sami. –J.]

  5. for me, the desktop-based kuler is worthless if you can’t create colour schemes. this is an interesting development though

  6. I get a Kuler Klash when I try to open this new version of Kuler. Am I the only one who is experiencing this?

  7. Alas, this won’t run on Visa Home Basic. I bought an upgrade to Home Premium just to install the CS4 betas (and hoping that might get DW CS3 to run on my machine) but doncha know it: The upgrade stalls after an hour, without so much as a helpful error message.

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