Tuesday Illustration: Iron Man, lasers, and more

  • Semi-political

    • Politicians often serve as pincushions, but it’s rare that they’re actually made of pins, as in this Thumbtack Obama. [Via]
    • Gene Tempest’s long but interesting essay covers the Posters of Paris ’68, talking (among other things) about how the French artists played on memories of Nazi collaboration.
    • "Did United Artists doctor a photo of anti-Hitler plotter Claus von Stauffenberg to make him look more like the Top Gun actor?" asks the Guardian. [Via]  (Even weirder: My wife just glanced at the image and said, "I thought that was you for a second.")
  • Designer Marian Bantjes
    has been producing great stuff lately:

    • Her Design Ignites Change is a limited-edition, laser-cut poster that dramatically changes appearance under different conditions.  Proceeds benefit kids orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Kenya. [Via]
    • In Love Stories she creates a riot of great type–some of it edible!

0 thoughts on “Tuesday Illustration: Iron Man, lasers, and more

  1. Regarding Stauffenberg, yep, they Cruisefied him. I grabbed a copy of the old AP portrait and redid the Slate overlay. The strongest changes are in the side of the nose, the fuller lips and the chin.

  2. Those rabbit drawings are somewhat weird too.
    But just as weird is to witness two whales taking on a video blog. One whale says to the other,” I don’t know why they want to save us, they can’t save themselves”.
    Ken in KY

  3. John re:photo doctoring. Apart from this being an old story it has the small defect of being untrue. Follow your own Via link to the Slate website where they have published a correction. You are just compounding the spread of an untruth based on poor research because of poor research. Given your piece back in May ‘Just make something up’ http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2008/05/oct_1.html, the phrase “Kettle … Pot” comes to mind. Great Blog by the way. (I have no connection with UA, Scientology or Screaming Film Stars!)

  4. As a person with a world of experience in designing for laser, in both production and art pieces, I can appreciate the “Design Ignites Change” peice. I can see a considerable amount of knowledge went into the work. Excellent!

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