Wednesday Photography: Giant HDR, sea creatures, & more

0 thoughts on “Wednesday Photography: Giant HDR, sea creatures, & more

  1. While I think that the scope of the Photo Mural project was impressive, I am not sure that I really liked the results. The perspective of the last building on the right to the foreground grass is way off and the lighting of the buildings and the mountain just look like he photographed models in front of a matte painting.
    The article on the process though is very interesting, even if I am not too thrilled with the execution. Thanks for posting it!

  2. National Geographic images are great. They have a standard they must live up to, and here they do it again.
    Can you imagine the possibility of getting proper funding and support to be one of lucky photographers to do marine research on the U.S. Navy’s NR-1? It’s a deep submergence vehicle with a nuclear reactor AND windows for viewing! It’s a dream I can only pretend will happen one day for me.
    [I suppose you can always watch Sealab 2021… –J.]

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